Ranganathaswamy Temple



Magadi ranganatha temple 36 km from ramanagara,  the rangantha temple it is cholas period. Ranganatha temple is also built in an evevated placed called swarnadri parvata. The area in which this temple is situated is called “Tirumale”. There is vast prakara with a gateway having tall rajagopura. The garbhagriha has a dravida shikara having later vijayanagara workmanship. Daily anna dasoha facilities are who visit destination.


Kengal Anjaneyaswamy Temple

Anjaneya Temple, Kengal


Bangalore- mysore highway 10 km from ramanagara, this temple was built during the period of karanataka’s 2nd chief minister, sri kengal Hanumanthaiah who is also the chief architect behind of vidhana soudha, the legislature building in Bangalore. This temple older then 60 years.  Pilgrimages are most visitors of this temple, every Saturday more number of traditional tourists will visit. Basic facilities are available at kengal.


Kabbal Temple



Sri kabbalamma Temple is situated in a village called kabbalu in kanakapura, 35 km from ramanagara district. The temple cab be reached from Bangalore via kanakapuara or Ramanagara / Channapatana  it is around 70-75 km away from Bangalore. Road to this temple passes through many villages and on the way we can see many 1300 mt of height rocky hills which is a trekking destination.

Near the kabbalamma temple there is a smalla shrine dedicated to Basaveshwara ( Bull – the vehicle of lord shiva). The miraculous Bull is  carrying a bundle of currency notes on its horns. This money is offered to Basava as the devotees whishes got fulfilled. This tmple is planning to build a new temple and also, the plan for the same is displayed in the temple premises. Basic facilities are available at kabbal who visit kabbalamma temple, every Tuesday,Friday, moon light of amavashya specila poojas are doing here.