Agriculture Department

 Introduction of Department:

      During 1946 Mysore university has started B.Sc (Agri) progreme, during 1956 Agriculture extention education and research had been included in department of Agriculture. During 1943 Karnataka State Governament has bifurcated Horticulture and Plantation crops, research stations to newly formed department of Horticulture and retained all Agriculture crops like cereals, pulses, Oil seeds, cotton, Sugarcane and Tobacco development related schemes and Agriculture education and research activities. from 1965 Agriculture department is emanating Agriculture extention farmers training agriculture inputs distribution and Technical servies to Farmers.


Objective & Vision:

      Vision : To ensure food security and also to make agriculture a sustainable and viable vocation for the livelihood by the end of 2020.


                          1. Dissemination of technology/information to farmers.
                           2. Ensure supply of agriculture inputs and their quality control for enhanced production and productivity.
                           3. Plant Protection and quaratine.
                           4. Maintenance of soil health.
                           5. Improving credit flow and risk mitigation.
                           6. To focus on rainfed farmers and encourage rain water coservation and reuse, Krishi Bhagya scheme is being  implemented and also to increase the irrigated area,                                                       Micro irrigation is encouraged.
                           7. To provide implement/Machinery to the farmers of rural areas intime at susbsidised cost.
                           8. To develop e-portal to receive applications through online under Farm mechanisation and Micro irrigation scheme.


Programmes & Schemes (includes beneficiary details and how to apply schemes:

      1. Seed distribution : In order to increase the yeild of any crop, quality seed is one of the very important input. During the year 1929 quintals of certified seeds were distributed through all                18 RSK’s of our district to 13888 to farmers giving Rs.33.46 lakshs subsidy.

      2. Farm Mechanisation : Agri machinaries/Farm equipements will be distributed to farmers at through subsidy rates. During 2019-20, 1771 farmers were given farm machinaries it a total of              640.4 lakhs subsidy.

      3. PMKSY (MI) : In order to increse the water use efficiency and to reduse the wastage of H2o spenkler and drip irrigation units will be distributed to farmers @ 90% subsidy during 2019-20,             3118 set of sprinkler irrigations were distributed worth of Rs. 479.84 lakshs.

      4. Krishi Bhagya : For the betterment of livelihood of rainfed farmers and to harvest rain water farm ponds were constructed under this scheme. Which aims at agriculture into sustanable                agriculture and finally to increase the farmer income. During the year 2019-20, 685 Farm ponds were constructed and worth of Rs.398.17 lakhs subsidy given to farmers, it also includes                sub components like polythene lining, sprinkler units and deasel pumpsets.

      5. NFSM (Pulse): This schemes aims to increase the area and productivity of pulses through adoption of new technologies by farmers. The farmers benificiaries will get rupees 9000/ ha                       through DBT. Under this schemes farmers who have adopted new technoligies in redgrams crop in 50 ha. area have got Rs.4.5 laksh rupees through DBT.

      6. Nutri cereals : This schemes aims to increase the area and productivity of nutri cereals through adoption of new technologies by farmers. The farmers benificiaries will get rupees 6000/             ha through DBT. in this schemes sub units like micro nutrients, plant protection equipements, plant protection chemicals, sprikler units and farm machinaries will  be  distributed  at                       subsidy rates.

      7. Raitha siri : This scheme aims to increase area and productivity of minor millets like Foxtail millet, Kodo millets, proso millets, browntop millets, little millets and barmyard millets. An                      insentive of Rs.10000/ha. will be tranfer to farmer bank account through DBT. During 2019-20, 185.32 ha. area covered under minor millets and 279 farmers were given insentives under              this scheme.

     8. ZBNF : It is a farming practies that includes growing of crops naturally without adding any chemicals. In this schemes 251 farmers were given insentives under this scheme.

     9. PM-KISAN : Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) is a Central Sector scheme with 100% funding from Government of India. Under the Scheme an income support of Rs.6000/-             per year is provided to all farmer families in three equal installments of Rs.2000/- each every four months. In our district 128244 farmers have been registered for PM-KISAN scheme.


Department statistics:

      1. Agriculture area in the district is 114000 Ha.
      2. 271448 Farm Families are there in the district.
      3. Annual average rainfall of the district is 851 mm.
      4. Raitha Samparka kendras are located in all 18 Hoblies of district.


 Who is Who (Department officials contact details along with mobile no. and email id):

Joint Director of Agriculture Department, Ramanagara
Sl.No Name Designation Mobile No E-mail Address
1 K.H.Ravi Joint Director of Agriculture 8277932400
2 Dr.Vanitha.B.K HQ 8867448527
3 K.M.Nagaraju Assistant Director of Agriculture (SMS) 7760989902
4 Reshma suthar Assistant Director of Agriculture (SMS) 9880900517
5 Savitha H.B Agriculture Officer 9738571606
6 Anupama.C.S  Technical Officer 8277932447
Deputy Director of Agriculture Department, Ramanagara
1 Ashoka Deputy Director of Agriculture 8277932401
2 N.Renukamma Agriculture, Officer 8277932420
Assistant Director of Agriculture Department, Ramanagara
1 Paramesha.D Assistant Director of Agriculture  8277932404
2 Pradeep.P Agriculture Officer, Kailancha RSK 9902095646
3 Shruthi.T.B Agriculture Officer, Bidadi RSK 9986141095
4 Nanda.N Agriculture Officer, Kutagal RSK 8277932426
5 Sukanya.C Agriculture Officer, Kasaba RSK 8073260931
6 PraBhakar.M Agriculture Officer Technical 9740855696
7 Chikkaveeraiah.C Assistant Agriculture Officer, Kasaba RSK 8277932433
8 Kumar.B Assistant Agriculture Officer, Bidadi RSK 8277932421
9 M.C Parashurama Agriculture Assistant, Kailancha RSK 9980867790
10 Ramakrishnarajearas ಕೃ.ಉ.ಮೇ, Kasaba RSK 9980838931
11 Lingappa.M Assistant Agriculture Officer, Kailancha RSK 9591552080
Assistant Director of Agriculture Department, Chanapatna
1 Aparna M.G Assistant Director of Agriculture  9964347819
2 Bommesh.B Technical Officer-1, Technical 8277932459
3 Rudrappa.M.R Agriculture Officer, Kasaba RSK 8277932418
4 Manjunatha.P Agriculture Officer, Malur RSK 8277932435
5 Muktha.J Agriculture Officer, Virupakshipura RSK 9591234226
6 N.Ganganarasimhaiah Assistant Agriculture Officer, Kasaba RSK 9880969492
Assistant Director of Agriculture Department, Kanakapura
1 Radhakrishna K.R Technical Officer 8277932446
2 Raghu.T.N Agriculture Officer, Sathanuru RSK 8277932461
3 Manjula.P Agriculture Officer, Uyyamballi RSK 8277932457
4 Sundaresha.B.R Agriculture Officer, Kasaba & Maralawadi RSK 9900240339
5 Meghalaya.B.N Agriculture Officer, Kodihalli RSK 9650248599
6 Sindhu.S Raj Agriculture Officer, Harohalli RSK 8277932454
7 M.Shrinivasaiah Assistant Agriculture  Maralawadi, Kasaba RSK 7624856305
8 P.Shrinivas Assistant Agriculture  Harohalli, Kasaba RSK 8277932458
9 Sampath Kumar.B.S Agriculture Assistant, Sathanuru RSK 8277932443
Assistant Director of Agriculture Department, Magadi
1 Shivashankar Assistant Director of Agriculture  9916464148
2 Mahesh.M Agriculture Officer, Technical Officer 9380553731
3 A.S Ashok kumar Agriculture Officer, Madabal RSK 8277932416
4 H Ashoka Agriculture Officer, Solur & Kudur RSK 8277932437
5 Shivananda.V Agriculture Officer, Kasaba RSK 8277932408
7 NagaBhushana Assistant Agriculture Officer Tippasandra RSK 8277932409
8 Hanumanthanayka.B Assistant Agriculture Officer Madabal RSK 8277932411



       During 2019-20 Kharif 90771 ha. during Rabi 4342 ha., during Summer 258 ha. area was covered by different crops.


Right to Information Act :


Public Information Officer Assistant Public Information Officer Appellate Authority
JDA office,  Ramanagara
AO (Technical Officer)
JDA office, Ramanagara
Joint Director of Agriculture
Ramanagara District, Ramanagara.
AO (Technical officer)
DDA office, Ramanagara
DDA office, Ramanagara
Deputy Director of Agriculture
AO (Technical officer)
ADA office, Ramanagara Taluk
ADA office, Ramanagara Taluk
Assistant Director of Agriculture
Ramanagara Taluk
AO (Technical officer)
ADA office, Channapatna Taluk
ADA office, Channapatna Taluk
Assistant Director of Agriculture
Channapatna Taluk
AO (Technical officer)
ADA office, Kanakapura Taluk
ADA office, Kanakapura Taluk
Assistant Director of Agriculture
Kanakapura Taluk
AO (Technical officer)
ADA office, Magadi Taluk
ADA office, Magadi Taluk
Assistant Director of Agriculture
Magadi Taluk