Animal Husbandry

           Ramanagara district is known for animal husbandry activities mainly dairying and it is one of the important source of family income. Though it is a small district, it has got vital role, in the state level animal husbandry activities like milk and meat production. This year 2017-18 annual milk production in dairy is 2337.58 lakh of litres collected through 869 milk producers co-operative socities.In the other main production sector in the district, meat production is 29.72 thousand tonnes and 178.31 lakhs of egg yield in the district.

    According to 19th live stock census 2012, total live stock population of the district is as follows.

                Indigenous cattle-1.34 lakhs, cross breed cow’s-1.25 lakhs, buffaloes-0.30 lakhs, sheep-1.52 lakhs, goat-1.20 lakhs, backyard poultry -2.32 lakhs, commercial purpose broilers- 9.31 lakhs, and layers- 1.21 lakhs.Total district households is 2.47 lakhs families, out of which 1.76 lakhs of families are involved in animal husbandry activities. (In cattle rearing -0.87 lakhs, buffaloe-0.16 lakhs, sheep / goat rearing – 0.46 lakhs 0.27 lakhs of families involved in poultry farms.)

                  Maintenance of live stock health is more important task of the animal husbandry department, in order to achive it, by control of various epidemic diseases, vaccine will be carried out throught the year for cattle, buffaloe, sheep and goat, pig and poultry. Daily routine treatment will be done in all the veterinary institutions. In extension pograme work, we are training farmers regarding Animal husbandry activities, through Kissan samparka Sabha, Grama Sabha, Grama Sandarshana, and in Animal Health camps, through out the year regularly to improve fertility rate, induce milk and meat productions and also awareness camps, of various diseases and vaccines.

                 For the eradication of Foot and Mouth disease evey 6 months, mass vaccination for cattle, buffaloe, pigs will be conducted through out the district in pulse polio vaccination model.For the control of epidemic diseases like Heammoragic septecemia, Black quarter, Brucella in cattle and buffaloes and Enterotoxemia, P.P.R. diseases in sheep and goat and Ranikhet in poultry, seasonwise vaccine will be conducted throught the year.In all veterinary institutions pedigreed, frozen semen of breeds like H.F, jersey, Amruth mahal, Surthi, Murrah, is aviliable for the breeding purpose which leads to high milk productions. and to improve the economy status of the farmers. Department is charging subsidised rate of Rs.15/- per semen straw as a service charge.

                Mobile veterinary clinic is operating in all the 4 taluks. in remote villages where veterinary facility is not available. Infertility camps conducted, for the increase of animal conception rate, by the specialists in selected villages and hobli through out the year.To full fill the scarcity of the fodder in the district, the department had been supplied 14,260 fodder minikits, free of cost, seeds like Sorgam multicut, African tall maize, Jowar, Bajra, Cowpea etc… to the farmers who are involved in animal husbandry activities in all the taluks of the district.

                To meet the problems of nutritional deficiency in the society and to improve the economy of the farmers, 7th week old 10,580 Giriraja birds distributed in this 2017-18 year. For the general category at the rate of Rs.80/- bird and free of cost for the S.C. and S.T. category.In the year 2017-18 milk incentive of Rs.116.00 crores ( Rs.5/- ltr) given to the milk producers through M.P.C.S. by R.T.G.S. to encourage farmers for the milk production.



S.C.P & T.S.P. (State sector)

             Under S.C.P & T.S.P. State sector & Milk insentive Scheme 143 beneficiaries (belongs to S.C. and S.T category) have been given subsidy to the tune of amount Rs.85.80 lakhs remaining amount with bank loan, for establishing cattle/buffaloe, sheep/goat and pig units.


Pashubhagya scheme

             Under Pashubhagya scheme 676 Beneficiaries belongs to S.C, S.T. and general category have given subsidy of Rs.1,61,88,150 remaining amount with bank loan, for establishing cattle/buffaloe, sheep/goat, poultry and pig units.


Ex-gratia scheme 

             Under ex-gratia scheme for accidental death of sheep and goat Rs.5000/- will be given to farmers. In this scheme 2014-15 to 2018-19 an amount of Rs.1,73,35,000 for the death of 3467 sheep and goat have given to farmers through R.T.G.S. Under ex-gratia scheme for accidental death of uninsured animals like Desi Cows/Cross breed cows/buffoloes Rs.10000/- will be given as ex-gratia for the farmers . This academic year 2018-19 (upto june –2018) in this scheme 180 proposals have been sent to commissioner , animal husbandry and veterinary services.


Under Insurance scheme

             Under Insurance scheme Dairy animals like cattles and buffaloes will be insured depending upon milking capacity and their health conditions. Upto Rs.50000/- will be the Maximum limit of the insurance per animal and 5 animals can be insured per person. In this academic year 2018-19 (upto june –2018) 2280 ( 2213 B.P.L. families, 67 B.P.L. families) families covered 2288 animals for insurance.