Government Cocoon Market

Asia’s largest Silk Cocoon market

Govt. Cocoon Market Welcomes to silk city Ramanagaram, It is located on the banks of river Arkavathi, between two hills one Sri Ramadevara betta popularly known as Sholay Hill & another one Sri Revanasiddeshwara betta, &also has historical background as traditional area for silk industries from the reign of Tippu Sultaan the emperor of Mysore.

Sericulture Department established a Cocoon Market in an area of 2.00 acres of land in this town to fecilitate the farmers as well as silk reelers of this area, it becomes a major Commercial Center of Silk Industries. Now a days thousands of families are depends on this Silk Industries for their livelihood.

Department Of Sericulture provides marketing facilities for both the farmers & reelers , such as purified drinking water, rest rooms, toilets for ladies and gents, Electronics weighing scales, Solar & electric lights,fans, 24hours un interrupted power supply through UPS & diesel generaters, the Cocoon Market 24 hours secured by C C TV Cameras and security guards.

The farmers are bringing cocoons from all the places / villages of Karnataka state, & also from neighboring states of Andhra Pradesh, TamilNadu & Kerala to sell their Cocoons in this Market. For the benefit of rearers & reelers of cocoon silk testing facility also provided in the premises of Cocoon Market by Central Silk Board.

The visitors, students & tourists from all over the world visitng the market throughout the year.

The Cocoon Market is working 363days in a year except January 26th & August 15th for the welfare of the silk rearers and reelers.

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