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Backward Classes Welfare Department RAMANAGARA D-Group Employees Vacancy List for General Transfer 2022-23

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Backward Classes Welfare Department RAMANAGARA D-Group Employees Vacancy List for General Transfer 2022-23 View

Introduction : The Government has launched a number of innumerable and progressive projects to address the expectations of the people since 1977 for the well-being of the backward classes and for their well-being. The Government has provided Employment Reservation Facilities as approved by the Constitution 15 (4) of the Constitution for the development of the State Backward Classes and the implementation of 16 (4). Overall, this department is working hard to make people socially independent, economically and educationally improvement of backward classes. In 2017-18, a total of Rs. 1582.94 lakh has been provided in the budget and released Rs.1884.99 lakhs, with a total expenditure of Rs. 1829.03 lakhs respectively.

        Students of Backward Classes attending classes Premetric and Postmetric classes will be awarded scholarships according to the available grants based on merit. Scholarships will be granted to students of Class 1st to 10th Std  as follows as.

Pre Metric

Class Boys/girls Total
1 To 5 750/- 750/-
6 To 8 900/- 900/-
9 To 10 1000/- 1000/-

Post Metric Group Rate Of the scholarship(yearly)
1 Group-A 3500/-
2 Group-B 3350/-
3 Group-C 2100/-
4 Group-D 1600/

                      During the 2017-18 Financial Year Rs.115.52 Lakhs Released among the Release Rs.113.42 Lakhs Expenditure.

Fees Concession

Backward classes Students like Cat-1, 2(A). 3(A) and 3(B), studying in post-metric courses embracement the Fee of such  Students tuition fee, Exam fee, sports fees, library fees, laboratory fees and other fees. The Ceiling annual income of the family is Rs. 2.50 lakhs for other Backward Classes,     Rs. 1.00 lakhs income is limited for Cat-1.  In the 2017-18 Financial Year Rs. 662.50 lakh budgets has been provided. Rs. 662.39 lakhs Expenditure for 12882 students.  


Maintenance of sewing training centers and establishing new

     In order to become Empower of  the unemployed women of backward classes, the Department is providing training for backward classes women in the sewing profession for one year.  Those who want this training should have passed 7th class. The training period is Rs. 300. will be given as Stipend.  Widows and destitute refugee women will be preferred. Free sewing machine is distributed to candidates who have passed the exam after sewing training. The 01 stitch training center is functioning in this district. In the 2017-18 period, Rs. 7.57 lakh is provided by the Budget and Rs. 7.57 lakhs will be released. Rs. 7.57 lakh has been spent to 20 beneficiaries. 


Maintenance of Hostels
       There are 13 post metric Hostels and 28 pre metric Hostels Functioning  in the district Sector. provide Opportunities to continuous their Education for  Students of  Backward Classes  Providing  Free Boarding and Lodging facilities, free beddings, annually 02 fair uniforms,  Note books and stationery, medical facilities, sports equipment, soap, trunk, are provided.for betterment of  Education progress conducted  special tutorials with a part-time teachers. The boarding costs are only sanctioned to private hostels. In 2017-18 Financial Year Rs. 1091.70 lakhs provided, Rs. 1037.56 lakhs Expenditure for 2245 Beneficiaries. 


Maintenance of Ashram Schools

    There are 02 Ashram Schools functioning in the district. 02 Ashram Schools are functioning by the nomadic and other backward classes. Free Boarding  and Lodging  facilities are provided for children from 1std to 5th std for educational development of children of nomadic and other backward classes. Apart from Boarding  and Lodging  accommodation facilities at these ashram schools, 02 uniforms, beddings, soap, darts and medical facilities are also provided.      In the 2017-18 period, Rs. 24.11 lakhs were provided by the district panchayat and Rs. 24.11 lakh is released and Rs. 23.10 lakh has been spent. 97 students will benefit.


Building Repair and Maintenance of Backward Classes Schools.

   To complete the repair and completion of infrastructure projects of backward classes Hostels, under the District Sector Scheme 2017-18, Rs. 35.00 lakh grant is provided. 12 own buildings were repaired in 2017-18 Financial Year.


Improvement of Hostel

  Ramanagara district has a host of essential kitchen utensils, Cot and Beddings, dining table with chairs, library books and alarmas, gas stove and other materials supplied. For 2017-18, Rs. 9.66 lakhs are set apart and Rs. 9.66 lakh has been spent.